Klein Independent School District

Klein ISD, located near Houston, Texas, is a district comprised of 45,000 students and 6,000 employees that has been committed to transforming learning and teaching through technology since the late 1990’s. The district’s success is rooted in a unified vision for technology’s role in supporting student success at all levels, combined with a strong ongoing, job-embedded professional development program and leadership within all curriculum, student support and campus administration areas.

The district’s Technology Baseline Standard Initiative (TBSI) was launched in 2004 to assure that all students had access to a basic suite technology tools for learning in their classrooms. The TBSI program is the result of an intensive district study and pilot program that was established to determine the appropriate technology tools to best impact student achievement. Today, every core content classroom in grades K through 12 has an interactive whiteboard, eInstruction classroom assessment system, a projector, document camera and a minimum of 4 student networked computers and a teacher computer, all complete with a full suite of software productivity tools. All teachers participated in an initial round of twelve hours of professional development when the technology tools were first installed in their classrooms. The focus for the teacher training for the TBSI program is on student use of the technology tools in every classroom. Once the initial training is complete, teachers continue to receive professional development support in a variety of formats.

Recognizing that 24/7 access to powerful productivity tools and digital resources is key to any 21st century learning program, Klein ISD put in place a one-to-one Tablet PC program to support learning and instructional needs in all content areas. To date over 8,000 students, at a total of 4 school locations, have been issued Tablet PC computers as part of the district’s one-to-one student computer initiative. The one-to-one program continues to grow in its functionality as a “blended learning” experience for teachers and students through the use of the district’s learning management system and other robust applications.

In addition to these two major programs, visitors to Klein ISD will see technology as a strongly embedded component of most instructional initiatives including assistive technologies for special needs students, specialized programs for RTI, calculator programs in mathematics, a fully automated library program complete with a multitude of online resources, a data warehouse for tracking students’ academic history and current assessment results, parent connection programs, and many other instructional technology practices. Additionally visitors will have the opportunity to see how the non-instructional components of the district, including finance, human resources and the information technology department, function in a district truly committed to maximizing technology tools for all aspects of a school district’s operation.

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