NSBA’s Moot Court Program

Attorneys representing school districts before the Supreme Court may participate in a moot court organized by NSBA.  Moot court panelists typically include experienced Supreme Court attorneys, school attorneys, and law professors.  Contact Naomi Gittins for more information.

Moot court participants are encouraged to review the following resources as they prepare for oral argument before the Supreme Court.

Additional Resources

And May it Please the Court: Navigating U.S. Supreme Court Oral Argument
Offers a description of each Justice’s personality and questioning style during oral argument and general suggestions for a Supreme Court oral argument.

Thoughts on Presenting an Effective Oral Argument
Chief Justice Roberts’ oral argument tips from time management to rebuttal strategy offered to the Council of School Attorney in 1997.

Guide for Counsel in Cases to be Argued
Covers everything from how to reschedule oral argument to how to answer questions posed by the Justices, written by the Clerk of the Court.

Georgetown Law’s Supreme Court Institute Moot Court
Moots almost every case heard by the Supreme Court each year on a first-come-first-serve basis.

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